MyHome360 Property Watch Service

Rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure. The MyHome360 property watch service is your eyes and ears when you can't be here. We check your home on a regular schedule to check for any problems.

Thermostat Checks

Save money on heating & cooling costs. Winters can be harsh and long cold spells can result in frozen pipes. Keeping your thermostats at a low temperature throughout the winter is one way to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Walking into a cool or warm home can be relaxing. Let us adjust thermostats before you or your tenants arrive & after you or they leave.

Property watch thermostat checks
Property watch interior/exterior walkaround

Interior/Exterior Walkarounds

A thorough walkaround of both the interior and exterior to check for obvious problems, leaking pipes, break-ins, turn on/off lights, unplug appliances, ensure windows & doors are closed & locked.

If an issue arises we will notify you immediately and work with you to resolve the problem and reduce any further damage.

Pre/Post Storm Checks

Reduce possible storm damage. Board doors & windows, ensure patio/deck furniture is secured, tie down/secure any loose exterior items. After a storm our team will be your eyes for any damage and will work with you to coordinate any necessary repairs.

Property watch pre/post storm checks
Property watch keyholder services

Keyholder Services

Need us to meet a contractor or let a tenant in? Want us to check your home while you are away? Going away and need us to check on your pet(s)?

Property Watch Services

Contact us to learn more about our property watch services today. We will work with you to customize a your service to meet your needs, protects your home, and minimizes the risk to your asset. Some of our common checks and requests for properties include:

  • Check/Replace Smoke Detector Batteries
  • Check/Set Thermostats
  • Check/Replace Light Bulbs
  • Turn Off/On Lights
  • Door/Window Checks
  • Remove/Install Window AC Units
  • Check for Visible Interior Leaks
  • Check for Visible Exterior Leaks
  • Cover/Uncover Furniture
  • Exterior Walkaround
  • HVAC Filter Check/Change